Photo Courtesy Covent Garden Hotel 

Where To Stay in London

Your guide to London’s top luxury hotels and resorts 


From its many upscale housing options to its high concentration of luxury hotels, London offers no end of choice when it comes to classy accommodations.

Long-stay opportunities include purchasing some of the world’s most expensive real estate or perhaps renting a fully serviced apartment, while short-stay options include everything from monthly rentals of fashionable studio flats to opulent private residences.


The Best Luxury Hotels in London


There’s no shortage of excellent opportunities for vacationers, too. London’s hotel districts are home to some of the most luxurious hotels to be found anywhere on the planet, many with concierge services and in-suite fine dining. Other always-popular options are the many upscale boutique hotels, inns, guesthouses and B&Bs to be found in the city’s chicest neighbourhoods.

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