The Cauldron – A World of Magical Mixologists


The Cauldron – A World of Magical Mixologists
By Beth Goss    

The Cauldron brewing beer

Magical craft brews

Enjoy a truly magical experience as you grab your wand and embrace your inner witch – or wizard – at The Cauldron, an exciting new themed cocktail experience available in London.

Once inside, you’re transported to a fantasy world where the magic is not only real but can be used to make delicious cocktails, beers, and more. Like something out of a fantasy film, the interior of The Cauldron is packed full of interesting scenery that instantly set the scene, with moving portraits, mysterious plants, and crackling candles all bringing this enchanting experience to life.

Upon donning your robe and selecting your preferred magic wand, the ‘potion master’ will escort you to your very own potions lab, complete with cauldron and potions cupboard. During the experience we were summoned up to the ‘Tree of Life’ where you get to use your wand to pour a beverage of your choice. Choose from The Cauldron’s unique craft beer ‘Four Cauldrons Ale’, a fruity vodka cocktail, or a refreshing mocktail. Wave your wand in front of your selected patron and watch as your chosen drink begins to pour into your glass.


Transfiguration Tonic and Fairy Dust

The Cauldron making blue cocktail

Cocktails that change colour

Back at our lab we had the opportunity to make two cocktail potions following the fun and creative recipe that the potion master gave us. My particular favourite was the Transfiguration Tonic, a gin-based ‘potion’ that, with a tap of my wand, changed colour to an enchanting purple when placed on the interactive potion station. Very easy to drink, this floral cocktail avoided tasting too botanical and instead was an interesting blend of smooth gin and delicate lavender.

The other potion recipe saw us adding a little ‘fairy dust’ to our cauldron to make smoke rise as we stirred and mixed the ingredients together. To find the ingredients, first we had to use our wands to unlock the enchanted seal on our potions cabinet. After the smoke had settled, we were left with a traditional chai-based cocktail that was both light and packed-full of flavour.

The Cauldron also has a variety of additional cocktails and drinks that you can purchase throughout your experience. A mixture of theatrical fun and enchanting flavours, these ‘Signature Potions’ range from bubbling shots to cocktails that come delivered on fire and shooting off sparks.


Fantasy Themes at The Cauldron

The Cauldron flaming cocktails

A little magic goes a long way…

Each of these cocktails are based on different fantasy themes, but the ‘Duality of Man’ really stood out. Not one of the flashiest cocktails on offer, the Duality of Man is nevertheless an impressive combination of flavours that should not be missed. Sweet and sharp with a pleasantly spicy foam, even if you are not a fan of Scotch or ale, this warming cocktail made a lasting impression.

If you are looking for a truly memorable alcoholic experience, look no further than the ‘Dragon’s Breath’ cocktail. Arriving on fire, this rum-based ‘potion’ tastes as good as it looks. For added fun, throw the provided cinnamon into the cocktail to ‘anger the dragon’ and create sparks!

During my visit I was treated to a sneak-peak of what can be expected when The Cauldron re-opens in its new Elephant and Castle location later this year. Keep an eye out for golden chocolate skulls, all-new wand designs, and a full range of molecular potions.

Located within a ‘big top’ canvas tent, this brand new Cauldron experience kicks off the 26th September and will see you transported into a delightful enchanted forest for another unique magical drinking experience!

For further details, visit The Cauldron’s website at


Contributor Beth Goss is a copywriter, traveller, and part time gamer.




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