The Green Knight – Sumptuous salads to keep you cricketing-fit


By Tom Wilkinson

Situated just west of South Kensington station is Squirrel, a healthy, casual food and drink concept where a sumptuous salad bar takes pride of place under acorn shaped lighting in front of murals of… yes, you guessed it…  squirrels. Past the salad bar is a modest dining area styled in a slightly more nautical theme.

The forest theme is everywhere here. There is a treehouse area upstairs where green lighting helps evoke the idea of being secluded in a forest, while large murals of squirrels help you feel like you yourself are a small woodland creature in cosy undergrowth – despite the fact you are, of course, still very much in central London.

And there’s a new signature salad in town, too. Designed especially for the folks at Squirrel by Heather Knight, English Women’s Cricket Captain, the salad is both vegetarian and gluten free and contains the following extremely healthy ingredients:

  • Halloumi
  • Spinach
  • Rocket
  • Warm quinoa
  • Roasted mushrooms
  • Sweetcorn
  • Chickpeas
  • Pesto dressing

If you want to add meat to the salad, an upgrade of extra chicken is recommended by Heather herself.

Large and filling portions

The salad itself is large and filling, with the chickpeas and quinoa providing that filling feeling that a purely leafy salad would lack. The ingredients are also high in protein as they are geared towards aiding recovery after training. Halloumi adds calcium as well as protein to the mix as well as adding a lovely flavour that Heather insisted be a part of her creation.

While the halloumi is Heather’s choice ingredient, I think it is the roasted mushrooms that really make this meal shine – they add a real richness and robustness to it. Balanced with an amount of pesto of your choosing (it comes in a small pot so as not to overwhelm), it really makes the salad distinct and memorable.

The Green Knight salad is available as a special throughout autumn at Squirrel. Make sure to head down and try it out.

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