Brunch at Brother Marcus – The Fun Art of Breakfast


By Joe Teng

Alex Large, Arthur Campbell and Tasos Gaitanos have got it made. In the trendy part of South London, Balham, the trio have successfully struck a chord with the locals providing breakfast and brunch with a bit of class in the form of their restaurant Brother Marcus. This is the kind of the place where everyone has a good time with its chilled, swanky and slick character resonating throughout.

At the back of the restaurant is a courtyard, the kind of place that makes you feel as if you’re hanging out in your best friend’s back garden. If the weather cooperates, it’s the perfect setting for some delicious plates of food.

And yes indeed, the food here is simply delicious, their menu enticing. This isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill standard breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning, no way – the art of breakfast and brunch has been elevated to something quite delectable.

Brotherly love

Brother Marcus brunch includes pita and bacon

Brother Marcus’ delicious breakfast pitta

Simple, yet effective, we had the manly ‘Bob’s your Uncle’ – a pitta filled with a thick cut of pork belly and a runny fried egg dressed with sliced cucumber, spring onions and coated in a sweet tomato relish. If that wasn’t enough, a generous helping of fiery siracha sauce is also added.

Alongside Bob we also tucked into its partner in crime, the ‘In-Law’. This behemoth of a bagel has salt beef crammed into it with a cool rainbow slaw and again, a fried egg thrown in for good measure.

On the lighter side of things, Brother Marcus also deliver a bunch of small plates including a juicy and ripe mango ceviche doused in lime juices and topped with finely diced red chillies, grilled halloumi dressed in orange syrup, and charred aubergine on a bed of smooth beetroot humus. All of this goes down extremely well with a thick banana and chocolate shake. This is the kind of brunch you want to eat slowly and enjoy, especially after a night out on the town. It will cure any hangover.

Brother Marcus also do regular supper clubs and, would you believe it, yoga classes – how’s your downward dog?

This joint is giving South London some good old brotherly love and it’s time we should give some back, too. What a cracking place.

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Contributor Joe Teng, aka ‘FoodPunk Joe’, is a London-based food critic on a one-man mission to showcase the city’s best cuisine, from fine dining restaurants to food markets. You can follow his adventures at


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