Possessing more than its fair share of iconic British landmarks – it’s here you’ll find such points of interest as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge – the City of London can trace its history all the way back to Roman times. Although covering an area of just over one square mile and with a population of just 7,000 (a number that swells to over 300,000 each work day), the City offers residents plenty of choice when it comes to prime real estate in which to live, from uber-luxurious townhomes to chic apartments. Visitors, too, are spoilt for choice, with the City offering some of London’s best 5 star hotels.

The City’s also where you’ll find London’s financial district, along with many of the world’s leading banking and corporate headquarters. It’s also a notable centre for world-class education and is home to both the University of London and the City of London School. After hours, there are plenty of other things to do, too, as the City’s a great place to dine, drink and have fun thanks to its many fine restaurants, bistros and bars.