Drive – Luxury London’s Guide to the Top Luxury Cars

London has had a long and storied love affair with the automobile. It was one that started almost as soon as the first of these fascinating four-wheeled machines began trundling along our city’s streets, marked by landmark events like the British International Motor Show which launched in 1896 and ran for 112 years before rebranding as The London Motor Show.

While these days many of the original classics from British motoring history – names like MG, Morgan and Triumph – can still be seen at events like The London Classic Car Show, London has become a magnet for the world’s leading luxury automobile brands. Yet while many of these modern day marvels are made overseas – such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati – Britain has managed to hold its own in terms of design and manufacturing of such beauties as those from iconic brands including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Jaguar.

Whether you’re looking for the latest news and reviews of the world’s leading luxury vehicles, or for details of London-based luxury car dealerships – new and used luxury car sales are big business in the nation’s capital – LuxuryLondon will keep you informed of the latest and hottest trends in luxury motoring.